WFW(WOMEN FOR WOMEN) was registered as a non-profitable, non-political, non-religious charitable voluntary organization in 1999 at Kannamangalam in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil nadu, India.

All women from the service area villages of the organization that have a common insight and sharing about the need for the formation of an organization entirely devoted to the all round development causes of rural women

The key women behind the development of the organinzation are – Mrs. JAYAMALA,
WOMEN FOR WOMEN has been developed as an organization “of women, for women and by women” that serves for the empowerment of the under-privileged, un-privileged and less privileged in communities

Vision, Mission & Goal of WFW


“Emergence of empowered village communities and empowered men and women with self-determination, self-reliance and self-confidence”


“To strive for the creation of empowered individuals and communities with special emphasis on women through awareness creation, self-help promotion, skill development and capacity building and leadership development”


WFW’s main goal is to enable the poor and marginalized section of the society with special emphasis on women to exercise their constitutional and legal rights to attain a self reliant, self-sustained, self-confident and self respect life that would lead to self-actualization and guide them to function as responsible and dutiful citizens of communities

AIM's & Objectives of WFW
Some of the main objectives of WFW are:

  1. To encourage, motivate and initiate the formation of self-help groups among the rural people and more particularly among the women and educate them on the principles and philosophy of self-help and assist self-help groups so formed in undertaking voluntary actions in the field of development;
  2. To arrange for Self-Employment, Skill Development, and Vocational Training Programs such as Handloom, Power Loom, Weaving, Candle Making, Typing, Tailoring, Driving, Motor Mechanism, Basket Making, Computer Software etc for adolescent groups of boys and girls and young men and women from the poorer categories of the population;
  3. To establish and run educational, medical, social, technical institutions, nursery, primary, matriculation schools, Industrial Training Schools, Computer Centers etc.,
  4. To provide career guidance and help to students belonging to the poorer sections of society;
  5. To organize awareness programs for the prevention and control of diseases like AIDS, Hepatitis B, and Diabetes etc;
  6. To organize adolescent and reproductive health education programs and eye camps and health camps to people in areas that have difficulty in accessing to qualified health care institutions;
  7. To create awareness among all sections of the population for the promotion, preservation and maintenance of the Environment and the Eco System;
  8. To provide knowledge about legal rights, women’s rights, human rights, government schemes and programmes and guide people to make use of such government schemes;
  9. To promote alternative systems of medicines like Siddha, Herbal Medicine, Nature cure methods, harmless indigenous medicines etc.
  10. To promote Yoga and Meditation among rural people for maintenance of physical and mental health
  11. To cooperate with government organizations and other voluntary organizations and institutions with similar ideologies in pursuit of the objects of the organization and in implementing developmental work in needy areas.
  12. To organize educational programmes for the under privileged and marginalized children, street children, dropout children, child labour etc for their sustainable livelihood.
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WFW Activities

Tailoring training programme

The tailoring training run by the organization is very much helpful to the rural women in this area. supported...

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School Materials distribution programme

Most of the families in the target area belong to B.P.L. family. more than 50% of the population belong to scheduled...

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Environment & Health Programmes

We had developed an environment clubs in the Villages and schools. They visited houses and help the families to plant...

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Recent Programs

Women Rights – International Women's Day Programme
23rd Mar 2019

Awareness Generation Programme for Rural Women
Feb - Mar 2019

Creche Programme
Nov 2019

Farmers Club Programme.
2018 - 2019

Programme for the differently abled people
2018 - 2019

Workshop on Digital Photography for Documentation
28th - 29th Jul 2019

Participation in Network Meeting
2018 - 2019

SHG and Business Training
2018 - 2019

Personality Development Training for Youth
2018 - 2019